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I write whatever comes to mind. Mostly fantasy. Some times a touch of sci-fi. Maybe a bit of both.

Due to COVID-19, print/ship times have been extended.

Please be patient on your orders.

Bloodlines of Atmos,

the Story of Jace, Book 2 - Savior 

Now available in AUDIO!

I wish I had some fancy artwork for you, but I've been pre-occupied with other things. I'll get some snazzy art for you soon.

Updated: 8/4/2021

See the most recent blog entires below.

Store has been updated with BoA Bk2 product.

Check out the store to see the official Bloodlines of Atmos apparel -- hoodies, t-shirts, and v-necks are available in various sizes.

Bloodlines of Atmos,

the Story of Jace, Book 1 - Sanctuary 

Now available in softbound, digital, and audio!

Get yours now! Available in digital and softbound.